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Martyn Percy: Ethical? (or, Tea and Sympathy Are Not Enough)

As Peter Drucker famously remarked, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  It is therefore no use the Church of England running its own systems for...

Jeffrey Mello elected XVI Bishop of Connecticut

  The Rev. Jeffrey Mello, Rector of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Brookline, Massachusetts, was elected on May 21 as the 16th bishop of the Episcopal...
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Cape Town archbishop issues Ascension Day prayer for peace in Africa, Europe & the...

Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has urged people to pray for peace on Ascension Day, and has issued a special prayer for parishes and Dioceses to...
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Why do the white middle class clergy find it so hard to accept that...

Sitting in an ornate study in the Old Deanery – a 17th Century mansion house opposite St Paul’s Cathedral – the Bishop of London...

Martyn Percy: The Ministry of Truth and Safeguarding in the Church of England (A...

From the Modern Church blog: As any student of George Orwell knows, the world of 1984 turns all conventional language on its head.  In a dystopian political...
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