Christian leaders and supporters across all denominations, have gathered for the ‘blessing of the land’ ceremony to consecrate the special site in Coleshill, on the outskirts of Birmingham, where the world’s largest Christian landmark will soon begin construction. This unique event saw the unification of Christians from all around the UK to bless the land situated between the M6 and M42 motorways.  Visible from six miles away and standing at 169 feet tall, Eternal Wall aims to be the largest symbol of hope in the world.

The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, due for completion by 2026, will host one million answered prayers from people around the World, a monumental infinity loop that will inspire generations to come.

Bishop Mike Royal, General Secretary of Churches Together, who opened the event, said, “The Eternal Wall is a monument of prayer for the whole nation.  Today, we witnessed the gathering of a broad spectrum of senior leaders and people from a wide variety of different church denominations, all coming together in prayer to bless the ground so that work can begin on this landmark. Today was a true moment where the church stood together in unity”.

The land blessing took place last weekend over three days and witnessed the coming together of over 300 Christians. Ness Wilson of Open Heaven Church in Loughborough and Rev Betty King of Truthvine church, London both led prayers and reflections during the event, with Pastor Rasaq Ibrahim of RCCG Erdington concluding with closing prayers.

Founder and visionary behind the Eternal Wall, Richard Gamble, said, “The blessing of the land marks a significant step closer to reality of this global project and will ensure that the prestigious landmark is built on a sacred foundation of prayer and gratitude. This iconic monument dedicated to the power of prayer, will showcase an infinite global database of stories answered by Jesus, making hope visible for generations to come.”

Paul Bulkeley, Head Architect for the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer and founding director of Snug Architects said, “Today is an important milestone in the development of this project and we feel truly blessed to be involved in designing the world’s largest Christian landmark in the heart of the UK. The Eternal Wall, with its award-winning Möbius strip design (a surface without beginning or end) will inspire and deepen the World’s understanding of, and engagement with prayer for years to come.”

The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer was given the green light in 2020, after North Warwickshire Borough Council granted planning permission, and the Secretary of State ratified the decision. The construction of the access road began in 2023 and the landmark is due to open in 2026.