Church of England Evangelical Council’s first response to Praying in Love and Faith


‘Praying in Love and Faith’: an initial response 

The Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) shares the profound concern being expressed by evangelicals across the Church of England in response to the bishops’ proposals, published on Friday, and the Archbishop of York’s interview with BBC Radio 4, yesterday morning.    

John Dunnett, Director of Strategy and Operations, CEEC said: “I share the profound dismay expressed by thousands of evangelicals across the country. I’m deeply troubled by the bishops’ proposals, which seem to me to be either contrary to or indicative of a departure from Church of England doctrine.  

“I want to reassure evangelicals that the CEEC will be leading and coordinating a robust response as we contend together for faithfulness to biblical teaching within the Church of England, on issues of sex and marriage.” 

The CEEC is the body, founded by John Stott, which brings together evangelicals from Diocesan Evangelical Fellowships (DEFs) and all the main evangelical networks, organisations and societies. 

The CEEC has asked evangelicals to pray for all those in local churches, deaneries and dioceses who are at the frontline of contending for the faith as we have received it.