Simon Akol Aisu Elected 2nd Bishop of North Karamoja Diocese


Rev. Canon Simon Akol Aisu has been elected the 2nd Bishop of North Karamoja Diocese. He will be consecrated and enthroned as Bishop on 12th February 2023 at Christ Church Cathedral, Kotido.

Canon Aisu was born on 6th August 1964 in Nabilatuk District, and was born again on 20th December 1981 at a youth conference in Nabilatuk; Rev. Canon Joseph Okreo preached on the theme, “Are you alive or dead?” On looking at my empty life which was full of sin, I surrendered my life to Christ, and I crossed from death to life. I became very committed to reading Scripture, listening and understanding the Word of the Lord, hymns, and Christian Choruses. My life was not the same again.”

Canon Aisu earned a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Uganda Christian University after receiving a diploma and certificates in the same fields. He has also participated in a number of other capacity building training programmes.

Canon Aisu is currently the Sub-Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Kotido. He has served in a number of positions in both Karamoja and North Karamoja Dioceses, including Archdeacon, Theological College Principal, Diocesan Secretary, and parish priest.

Canon Aisu is married to Anna Aisu and the Lord has blessed them with seven children.