Entebbe Communique of the College Consultors of the Mission Society of the Anglican Mission in the Americas


We, the College of Consultors of the Mission Society of the Anglican Mission in the Americas, are grateful for the opportunity to meet personally in Entebbe, Uganda, from May 13-16, 2022, following the restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The joy of the Lord was shown in our worship, fellowship, and discussions. 

Foremost, we, the College of Consultors, re-affirm our commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to Him as our Savior, Lord and Friend. We endeavor to further His Gospel and to reach those who do not yet know Him and to deepen the faith of those who have chosen to follow Him. 

We, the College of Consultors, seek to renew our focus upon a pathway of church planting and international ministry as a key means for promoting the message of the Gospel to the hurting and lost world. 

We, the College of Consultors, reviewed the status and work of each mission chapter in the Anglican Mission in the Americas. We are thankful for the many ways in which God continues to fuel the vision of church planting with the Celtic Model. To Him be the glory!

We, the College of Consultors, have reviewed the role of the College in the Society and resolved to examine the structures and processes of the Mission Society to streamline the work of this missional ministry and to allow for the flexibility needed to effectively carry forth the mutually shared vision across cultural and geographical lines. 

We, the College of Consultors, genuinely desire to support the ministry of its chapters: the Anglican Mission International, the Anglican Mission Canada, the Anglican Mission Haiti, and the Anglican Mission India, as well as the Anglican Mission in America and an emerging chapter for chaplains under the leadership of Bishop Page Brooks, who we commissioned for such service on Sunday, 15 May, 2022. 

We, the College of Consultors, desire to strengthen our mutual bonds of affection through more intentional and regular communication between and among ourselves and with one another. 

We, the College of Consultors, also seek to deepen our relationship with our Mission Partners, their respective dioceses and provinces. 

We commend the General Secretary of the College, Bishop Carl Buffington, Canon David Saunders, and Canon Tim Smith for graciously and ably hosting us in this conference. 

We, the College of Consultors, have resolved to extend our continued love and gratitude for the ministry of AMiA Bishop Charles Hurt Murphy III and shall present this resolution to his beloved family. 

We, the College of Consultors, seek to express our admiration for the support and efforts of Bishop Alex Dickson, Fitzsimons Allison, and John Rodgers and shall convey our appreciation by letter. 

This day, the 16th of May, 2022. 

Respectfully submitted, 


Archbishop Katanda Masimango Zacharie

Rector of the College