Madras diocese to open college for disabled girls

St George's Chenaii

The Diocese of Madras announced this weekend that it will establish a secondary school for disabled girls. The announcement came during a ceremony Saturday at St George’s Cathedral in Chennai marking the sixth anniversary of the Rt. Rev. George Stephen Jayaraj, Bishop in Madras. Bishop Jayaraj told the congregation a school to train young girls living with disabilities was in line with the diocese’s wider campaign to “Redeem the lost, recognize the lest, restore the last.”

“Many members have shown great dedication in implementing welfare measures for the poor and the weaker sections [of the society]. We will continue to be the voice of the poor and marginalised,” he said, according to The Hindu.

In addition to opening a special needs school, the diocese has plans to open youth hostels, and free medical clinics and dialysis centers. The diocese of Madras is divided into four ministry areas and comprises 186 pastorates and 1192 congregations for its 80,000 members and operates a number of schools, hospitals, clinics and outreach centers.