Joint Mission in Guinea-Bissau


The Anglican Church in Brazil has been developing missionary work in Guinea-Bissau for two years. Recently, Bishop Marcio Meira was sent from Brazil to view the work on the field and to ordain Rev Justino, the first-ever native of Guinea-Bissau to the diaconate. Rev Justino is married to a Brazilian missionary sent by the Brazilian Province. Bishop Marcio was joined by Gafcon Regional Secretary for West Africa, The Rt Revd. Henry Okeke from Nigeria in a service held under a cashew tree. 

On the trip, Bishop Marcio and Bishop Okeke had meetings in the villages with local leaders, and the church got as a gift a property where they would build a church, a school, and another facility. Another property was bought by the province where another church will be built in the future. 

Archbishop Ben Kwashi is drawing Gafcon’s focus to evangelism, mission, and discipleship, there could be no better example of this work of the gospel than what is happening in conjunction with the people of Guinea-Bissau, Brazil, and Nigeria. Praise God!”