Provincial update on the Upper Midwest investigation


Earlier this month, Archbishop Beach announced that, at the request of the Diocese of the Upper Midwest, the Province would undertake oversight of the independent investigation into allegations of abuse within the diocese, ensure that pastoral care for survivors is offered, and conduct a review of diocesan structures and processes. Below are some recent developments in that unfolding situation:

Executive Committee expresses sorrow, calls for prayer, and approves formation of Provincial Response Team

Meeting on Monday, July 26, 2021 the Executive Committee of the Anglican Church in North America responded to the concerns raised by survivors of abuse in the Diocese of the Upper Midwest. The members of the Committee expressed “deep sorrow for all survivors who have suffered harm and pain as a result of abuse and/or misconduct and for their families and loved ones,” approved the formation of a Provincial Response Team, and called for “prayer for healing and justice for all affected by this tragic situation, for wisdom for those dealing with it, and for a spirit of grace, humility, and repentance throughout our Church.”

The Executive Committee is the Anglican Church in North America’s Board of Directors and is made up of clergy and laity elected from across the Province. Read more from the Executive Committee here.

Archbishop Beach appoints Bishops Miller and Atkinson to assist Diocese

On July 8, 2021, Bishop Stewart Ruch, III, Bishop of the Diocese of the Upper Midwest, requested a leave of absence “to create any needed space for the Province to take next steps regarding this serious matter and to assure the people in the diocese as well as the survivors involved that there will be a transparent and independent process.”

On Monday, July 26, 2021 Archbishop Beach met with the Bishop’s Council of the Diocese of the Upper Midwest and shared that he has appointed Bishop John Miller to serve the diocese as Acting Bishop and Bishop Todd Atkinson to assist Bishop Miller. The Bishop’s Council of the Upper Midwest is the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese during Bishop Ruch’s leave of absence, but can delegate authority to Bishop Miller and Bishop Atkinson to assist it in the work of the diocese.

This is the second time that Bishop Miller has assisted a diocese in this capacity, having served the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes two years ago. You can learn more about Bishop Miller and Bishop Atkinson here.

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The Executive Committee approved the launch of a webpage on the website dedicated to the Diocese of the Upper Midwest matter.

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