NZ Anglican churches resume communion in both kinds


Today the Bishops in Tikanga Pākehā have confirmed that they are happy for churches to offer communion in both kinds, but with no compulsion or expectation that everyone will take it in full or part.

Bishop Steve of Dunedin commented: “We believe we fully engage in communion whether we take one or both kinds. We all need to feel comfortable and safe – anyone who wants to receive a blessing or communion in one or both kinds is welcome”.

We are encouraging liturgical best practice around this that includes:

  • Regular washing / sanisting of the hands of anyone involved in handling elements, vessels and so on throughout the Eucharist
  • Recommended provision of wine (with alcohol, not juice) in a central cup
  • Use of clean purificators, with those administering the chalice wiping the edge of the chalice and rotating before administering to the next communicant.
  • Thorough cleaning of all vessels in boiling water after the Eucharist.
  • Intinction is not recommended.