Korean Anglican Church sends coronavirus emergency aid to New York


The Diocese of Daejeon in the Korean Anglican Church is sending emergency supplies of masks, hand sanitisers and disposable anti-contamination clothing to the Episcopal Diocese of New York. The deliveries are due to leave Korea today (Tuesday 14th April).

The Bishop of Daejeon, the Right Revd Moses Nag Jun Yoo, came up with the plan last Thursday (9th April) following a sharp increase of coronavirus cases (and sadly deaths) in the US, especially in New York. A close cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and th the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has enabled this quick process to take place.

The goods have been donated by Anglican Church congregations, with a significant contibution of 3,000 hand sanitisers and 3,000 pieces of disposable anti-contamination clothing from Yonsei University Health System). Masks will be sent after Wednesday 15th April due to government regulations.

A blessing ceremony on the emergency aid took place at the Diocesan Office in Chonan yesterday (13th April).

Talks have been taking place regarding putting 350 beds inside the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City

The Korean Anglican Church has maintained an interaction with the US Episcopal Church for many years. Having been the recepient of help from the US in the past, this time the Korean Church is able to provide support to the US Church.

A spokeperson for the Diocese of Daejeon said: “Jesus tells us to love each other regardless of size, race or any differences among us. This is the moment that the Word has been worked out through two churches in Korea and US. This plan has been done during the Holy Week of Jesus’ suffering, and the aid will go just after Easter. Our warmest hearts and lots of prayers, together with the hope of the resurrected life of Jesus Christ to overcome coronavirus, go out to all with this aid package.”

The Diocese of Peterborough has had an official link with the Diocese of Seoul since 2011. You can find out more about it here.