Message from the Vestry of Truro Parish to the congregation


On 8 Dec 2019 the Junior Warden of Truro Parish, Ken Schutz, read to the congregation a letter announcing the resignation of Tory Baucum as rector and his renunciation priestly orders. Mr. Schutz read the following additional statement to the parish.

Additionally, we wish to tell you that we recognize this information is brief and only introduces what we are confronted with as a Vestry and congregation. There will be additional messages in the coming days that provide additional details. This morning I offer the following clarifying information:

  • The fact-finding investigation mentioned in Friday’s Tmail will examine grievances alleged in the treatment of Truro staff and congregants.
  • In the “me-too” environment we find ourselves in, we want to be clear that none of the grievances alleged are sexual in nature.
  • The grievances presented include numerous and broad complaints from staff about workplace mistreatment, and questionable treatment of congregants
  • The grievances were presented the week before we received Tory’s resignation.


The following is a resolution passed by the Vestry:

“Whereas the Vestry received from Tory Baucum an email dated November 29, 2019, entitled “Baucum Resignation”, and its attached document entitled “Baucum’s Transition to Catholic Lay Ministry”, and

“Whereas Bishop Guernsey acknowledged receipt of a letter via email, with copy to the Archbishop of Canterbury, from Tory Baucum on November 29, 2019 entitled “Renunciation of Ordained Ministry in DOMA and ACNA”,

“It is hereby resolved that the Vestry accept, effective Immediately, Tory Baucum’s resignation as Rector of Truro Anglican Church. Tory will remain on a leave of absence while the fact-finding investigation occurs. The Vestry will determine his final day at a later date.”

On a personal note – I would like to add that the events described in these statements have happened over a very short period of time and over the Thanksgiving holiday period. The Vestry intends to be transparent but has needed some time to carefully and prayerfully consider what has happened and deliberate on how to present troubling information responsibly while maintaining confidentiality of sensitive personnel information. This has not been easy; we are doing our best.