Bishop of Bolivia’s statement on the nation’s political unrest

Ex-president Evo Morales of Bolivia

The Anglican Bishop of Bolivia has issued a statement on the political unrest in the South American nation following October’s disputed presidential election and weeks of civil unrest.

The Rt. Rev. Raphael Samuel urged Christians to pray for his country. Writing on Facebook following the announcement that President Morales would step down, he said: “To the Bolivian diaspora… pray for us. Bolivia is going through labor pains. Don’t celebrate until we have a transitional President who can guarantee citizen security and open a path to new elections. Please this topic has nothing to do with political affiliation but the common well-being of the Bolivian people.”

DECLARATION – THE ANGLICAN EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF BOLIVIA – 10th of November Rt Rev Raphael Samuel, Bishop of Bolivia.

The OAS (Organisation of American States) submitted their report over the claims of irregularities in elections held on the 20th of October.

We thank the Lord for the constructive work of the OAS and its report. Let us reflect and meditate on the Lord’s goodness in Bolivia during your prayers, Biblical readings and the Eucharist under the guidance of the Holy Spirit during this Sunday’s service.

We hope the governing authorities will implement the recommendations in this report without delay or ambiguities. We pray that this process be transparent and in concordance with the constitution of the nation.

The nation has been anguished by the events following the general elections held on the 20th of October. Let us receive from the Lord – His healing, His forgiveness and His goodness on a daily basis in our daily devotions.

The Anglican Church of Bolivia now has the mission of being active witnesses to the Lord in the nation of Bolivia – His justice, His healing, and His restoration of Bolivia. We wish to emphasised that justice is not vindictive nor revengeful but peaceful and restorative, the Shalom peace of God. We commit ourselves to the power of the Holy Spirit and the paternal love of God as we testify to the Lord’s message of justice, peace, and restoration in Bolivia.

The nation in the last 3 weeks has had to experience painful moments from death, confusion and injuries. We cannot make these experiences disappear with empty words. The anger we feel, the sense of betrayal and the cry for change in Bolivia is understandable.

Now more than ever let’s be the solution to the challenges we face as a nation!

Now more than ever we need the Lord Jesus Christ, our refuge and strength.

Christ is Risen… ¡He is Risen! ¡Long live Bolivia!