Cape Town archbishop responds to Synod debate on ministry to LGBTQI Christians


Responding to debates at this week’s meeting of Provincial Synod, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba – who is on record as saying that ministry to the LGBTQ community should be dealt with as a pastoral matter in local communities – gave the following comments:

“Because the Archbishop’s Commission has sensitised more people to the issue and got the broader church to think and reflect, there has been movement forward since 2016. At least we are now engaging with one another. 

“But the discussion is still painful for everyone, and emotion, prejudice and fear rather than theological substance dominated this year’s deliberations on both sides.

“I am obviously disappointed in this year’s outcome, but take heart that (1) we now have a permanent commission, (2) we have tangible suggestions that we are sending to the faithful, and (3) that we have a year to review the situation. I will continue to soak everyone involved in prayer.”