ACNA’s largest parish calls new rector

Paul Donison of Ottawa to succeed David Roseberry as rector of Christ Church, Plano TX

The Vestry of Christ Church, an Anglican parish of several thousand members in the heart of Plano, Texas and member of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA), has unanimously approved the appointment of The Rev. Canon Paul Donison as Rector-elect. Fr. Donison is currently serving as Rector of St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Ottawa, Canada, also a member of the ACNA. The Rev. Canon David Roseberry, founder and current Rector of Christ Church, writes “I enthusiastically and completely affirm the selection of Fr. Paul Donison as the Rector-elect of Christ Church. I am so grateful to God for answering our weekly prayers that He would ‘bring us a faithful pastor with a heart for prayer and a clear and compelling call to preach and teach His Word and lead us in worship and mission.’ I am confident that Paul is such a person.” The search process began in September 2015 and was conducted by a committee of Christ Church members and lay leaders, and assisted by Vanderbloemen Search Group, a professional search firm that specializes in placing senior clergy. Vanderbloemen collected and reviewed over 70 formal applications from all over the world. Bishop Todd Hunter of the Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO) Diocese was also engaged in the search process and provided oversight and spiritual guidance to the Search Committee. Fr. Donison will succeed Fr. Roseberry as Rector of Christ Church after completing immigration to the United States in 2016. In the interim, Fr. Donison will visit the parish as guest preacher as often as possible and work with the leadership of Christ Church. Fr. Donison is married to his wife Monika and they have four daughters, Anabel, Sophie-Jane, Erika, and Kirralee.


Letter to Christ Church from Paul Donison

To our new family at Christ Church,

I am excited and humbled to have been called to be your next Rector. As my family and I travelled through this discernment process—so wonderfully led by our wardens, Jane Schoen and John Battey—we have been overjoyed again and again as we heard the story of what God has been powerfully working at Christ Church these past 31 years.

As daunting as it may seem to follow the beloved and faithful ministry of Fr. David and Fran Roseberry, I find encouragement and strength knowing that, under their leadership, Christ Church has been founded upon the rock of God’s Word (Matthew 7:24-27). It is an enormous privilege and honor to be called to serve you as we continue to build upon that firm foundation together, especially since Fr. David and Fran have already so effortlessly become good friends and mentors to my family.

I cannot wait for you all to meet my family: my wife, my heart, Monika, and our four beloved girls, Anabel, Sophie-Jane, Erika, and Kirralee. You are going to love them, and they already love those of you that they have met during our weekend visit with the Vestry. Ever since our visit we have heard our kids’ pray at every meal and bedtime, “Lord, help Christ Church be our new church.” Monika and I and our girls are thrilled about this new adventure!

It is such a blessing to know you are praying for us throughout this transition time. We are praying for you, too. We look forward to being with you, our new family, soon.

In His service,
Fr. Paul Donison

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