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Bishop of Olympia’s response to the Canterbury primates communique

“While this is regrettable, the move falls short of taking us out of communion, and at the same time keeps in some who threatened to walk out. As our Presiding Bishop so wisely says the Anglican Communion is really about our relationships and not about our structure, and those remain intact. He also wisely and eloquently reminds us that this may be a time and a call for us to live into helping move the Communion to a new place for full inclusion.

For my part, I said this morning to someone who asked me about it, it is almost like telling someone they can be a full member of the church, but they cannot serve on the Vestry. To some that might be great news! The truth is reconciliation is difficult work and it is work that takes sacrifice to make a reality. In the hopes of it, and yet also not giving in to the principles of inclusion we have moved to, this is acceptable to me. We agree to disagree, we stay in relationship, albeit in a lessened place at the table, and we work on this matter. Like the Presiding Bishop, I wish it were different, but for now, it is not.”

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