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Crime tops church agenda for the West Indies

Crime is destroying the fabric of West Indian life, the Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago, the Rt. Rev. Claude Berkley told his diocesan synod last week. Meeting at St Andrew’s Church in Scarborough, Tobago, Bishop Berkley told the opening session of synod “Our moral and ethics have become confused and there is unsettling uncertainty about what is right and what is wrong.” Violent crime fueled by drug gangs, corruption in government and the police force, and a collapse of the education system meant “we are losing our soul.” He added that it had reached the reset point. “It seems as if we need a whole new generation of churchmen and women, teachers, public servants, parents, politicians and community workers.” While it was the responsibility of government to address these problems, Christians should not sit idly by and wait for change to happen. He called on Anglicans to take the first step forward and reform society – one person at a time.

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