The former dean of St Paul’s Cathedral in Buffalo, the Very Rev. Allen Farabee, was arrested by Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputies last month for allegedly exposing himself to a nine year old girl.

According to the police report, Farabee (76) was swimming in the Meadow Pointe Clubhouse community pool in Wesley Chapel, FL, on 21 July 2023. A nine year old girl was also swimming in the pool at the time, and told her parents she was uncomfortable with Farabee’s gaze. Surveillance video showed Farabee following the young girl and watching her intently,.

Deputies interviewed Farabee at his home about the incident. He initially denied any misconduct, stating perhaps the situation arose inadvertently when he adjusted his Speedo bathing suit. However, under further questioning Farabee admitted to being an exhibitionist and stated he had been excited while in the pool with the girl. He further admitted to having exposed his genitals to the girl while in the pool. 

On 26 July 2023, the Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe, acting Bishop of Western New York, wrote to his diocese saying “As soon as I learned of the Rev. Farabee’s arrest, I immediately restricted his ministry and initiated proceedings under the Title IV disciplinary canons of The Episcopal Church. I also talked with the clergy leaders of each congregation in our diocese where the Rev. Farabee served over the years, including the cathedral; St. David’s, West Seneca; and St. James, Batavia.”

He noted Dean Farabee was canonically resident in the diocese of Western New York, but had retired to Florida. The bishop said he learned of the arrest from the Bishop of Southwest Florida, the Rt. Rev. Douglas Scharf. “He and I are cooperating in these Title IV disciplinary proceedings and in providing pastoral support to the Rev. Farabee and his wife, Galen, who is in very poor health. We also stand ready to cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities.”

Bishop Rowe added the diocese’s intaie officer “is available to hear concerns about clergy misconduct from anyone in our congregations or communities. … I also encourage anyone with allegations of criminal behavior against church leaders to report them directly to law enforcement authorities.”

After his arrest the former dean was transported to the Land O Lakes jail, where he was released on $20,000 bail.