My very dear sisters and brothers in Christ. This July. It’s exactly a year since the Lambeth Conference met in Canterbury. How extraordinary. The Psalms tell us to look back and celebrate. So what a joy it was to welcome Anglican bishops and their spouses from around the globe for such an important gathering. One we hadn’t held for fourteen years. Our time together had its tense moments, but it was rich in prayer and conversation, as we explored what it means to be “God’s Church for God’s World”.

One of the important themes of our Bible studies was hospitality. One Peter calls the church to offer hospitality to one another. To use whatever gifts we have received, to serve others, to serve with the strength God provides. As I’ve reflected on what happened last year, I’m struck by how much the Lambeth Conference was an opportunity to offer hospitality to one another in this way. It may have been over meals together, in worship sessions, or Bible study groups. Or at times, during some of our more challenging conversations. We were listening intently, learning, sharing our gifts. In all those ways we offered and received hospitality from one another. 

Now, a year on our Lambeth Conference journey continues with Phase Three. Phase Three builds on this idea of offering hospitality as we share the Lambeth Calls widely with our church communities around the world. The Lambeth Calls were discussed by the bishops at the Lambeth Conference, and they relate to important themes of our time. They aren’t a set of policies or rules to be offered, and then obey. They’re given to us as gifts to inspire us in sharing good news around the world of God’s powerful and transforming love in Jesus Christ. Our hope is that churches will take them forwards in a way that is most relevant in their own settings. 

So one year on from the conference, my invitation is this: Add your voice to the Calls. Whether as a church, a youth group, a college or religious community, a chaplaincy. I hope you will join us on the journey. Dear sisters and brothers, we face so many issues. People around the world face so many issues which need the transformation that comes only from the power of God in Jesus Christ. May Anglicans far and wide join us for these discussions as together, we seek to be “God’s Church for God’s World”. And may the Lord bless you, guard you and keep you, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Amen.