Position Regarding Same-Sex Marriage

The Anglican Church in Tanzania re-confirms its statement made in 2006 that Homosexual Marriage has no basis in Scriptures.

The Anglican Church in Tanzania will continue to teach that Marriage is a valid union between a man and a woman and the Church affirms her dogmatic doctrine that anything contrary to Sacred Scripture is contrary to God’s will.

Position Regarding the Church of England’s Decision Blessing Same-Sex Marriage: The decision of the Church of England General Synod supporting the resolution to allow the blessing of civil same-sex marriages will not apply to the Anglican Church of Tanzania. The actions of General synod will completely destroy our relationship with that mother Church. The Anglican Church in Tanzania will not confirm this decision in any way as it has no legal validity for members in the wider Anglican world (Anglican Communion). The Church of England should refrain from decisions that will continue to bring pain in our Anglican Communion and to the body of Christ!

Bishops, priests and all faithful lay persons please continue in loving prayer for God’s blessings and fulfillment of his will upon the church, not only in this country but in the church across the world.