The former primate of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev. Henry Orombi (73) has been appointed to the honorary post of chancellor of Muni University by the President of Uganda. On 28 September 2022 an announcement was gazetted by the president’s office stating:

“In exercise of the powers vested in the President by section 30(1) of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001 and acting on the recommendation of the University Council, I, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni do hereby appoint Bishop Henry Luke Orombi as Chancellor of Muni University.”

One of the original GAFCON primates, Archbishop Orombi served as Primate of Uganda and Archbishop of Kampala between 2004 and 2012. One of Uganda’s ten public universities, Muni is located in Arau in Northwest Uganda along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and near the border with South Sudan. Archbishop Orombi succeeds Dr Erick Tiyo Sekebuga Adriko, who was the first chancellor of Muni University when it opened in 2014.