The Archbishop of Canterbury has amended the Lambeth Calls process, eliminating electronic voting by individual bishops in favor of a voice vote.  At the 30 July 2022 call on Mission and Evangelism almost a third of the bishops did not vote, with some speculating the electronic devices were confusing some of the participants.

On 31 July 2022 the Lambeth conference press office announced the bishops will continue to discuss the calls at their table groups, with a bishop-secretary recording the comments. These summaries will be give to a working group responsible for the post-Conference phase 3 “so that the voices of bishops will be heard as the process continues.”

During the call sessions, six randomly selected table summaries will be selected for review. At the call on Safeguarding held on the afternoon of Sunday, 31 July 2022, “ having listened to the bishops, Archbishop Justin advised delegates that electronic recording of choices will not be in place for the remaining calls, an announcement that was greeted with supportive applause.”

“An opportunity will be given at the end of each session for a verbal indication of agreement. If the calls gain clear assent they will be sent forward for further work.”

Negotiations between the archbishop and the primates of the Global South Fellowship of Anglicans continue on the release of a public statement, and roll call voting. By appealing to the conference, the archbishop appears to have circumvented the GFSA’s hopes to have a record of proceedings.

The meeting continues.