Church in Wales bishops will be joining hundreds of other bishops from across the world next week for a two-week conference to discuss the mission of the Anglican Communion for the next decade.

More than 600 bishops, representing Christian communities from 165 countries, will take part in the Lambeth Conference, held in Canterbury from July 26 to August 8.

In a statement ahead of the Conference the seven Church in Wales bishops say the meeting will be a chance to “speak and act for the good of our world” and they invite people to pray for God’s blessing on it.

The full statement follows.

Lambeth Conference statement

The bishops of the Church in Wales will gather in Canterbury from July 26 to August 8 with bishops from across the whole of the Anglican Communion for the Lambeth Conference. This occasion happens every 10 years and is one of the most significant for the Anglican bishops (called an ‘Instrument of Unity’) because it draws us together in prayer, fellowship and consultation.

As we reflect on the challenges facing our world – whether climate change, poverty, the war in Ukraine (and countless other territorial disputes) or witnessing to the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ, we are conscious that our meeting presents us with an opportunity to speak and act for the good of our world. There are more than 75 million Anglicans worldwide who share a common faith and commitment to the Kingdom of God and our time together will require us to articulate both our hopes and concerns for the church and the world.

The Archbishop of Canterbury (who has issued the invitation to attend) has asked that we focus on 1 Peter with its themes of hopefulness when confronted by suffering. In addition to times of prayer and worship we will debate critical issues we face, such as mission and evangelism, the environment and sustainability, and human dignity and identity, responding to these calls with new imagination and initiative.

The programme (which will include opportunities for partners and spouses who are attending) will include periods away from the university campus to include visits to Lambeth Palace (the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury) and to Canterbury Cathedral, as well as periods to meet together informally.

We ask your prayers for us as bishops and for God’s blessing on our gathering and offer this prayer which we commend to you. Our hope is to be refreshed in faith and to engage deeply with issues which affect us all and to return, renewed on our conviction that Christ is the hope of the nations.

The Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Bangor, Andrew John

The Bishop of St Asaph, Gregory Cameron

The Bishop of St Davids, Joanna Penberthy

The Bishop of Llandaff, June Osborne

The Bishop of Monmouth, Cherry Vann

The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, John Lomas

The Assistant Bishop in Bangor, Mary Stallard

Lambeth prayer

Gracious and Loving God, you have called bishops from across the world to gather in your Son Jesus Christ. As we meet, give us listening ears and hearts which are open to you and to one another. Make us ready to learn, willing to respond and forever hopeful that your Kingdom is at work in our midst, through Jesus Christ, your Son and our Saviour.Amen