Church of England: Statement from the General Synod Business Committee on clergy/support staff ratios


Professor Roy Faulkner (Leicester) to ask the Business Committee

Q91 During the period from 1959-2022, the number of stipendiary clergy has dropped from 13,075 to 7,210.

In the same period, the number of Diocesan support staff has risen from 250 to 6,500, while the number of people in congregations has dropped from 2 million to 700,000.

Will the Business Committee allow an opportunity to debate Diocesan stipendiary clergy/support staff ratios, as a matter of urgency?

Canon Robert Hammond to reply as Chair of the Business Committee:

A The Business Committee can only consider requests for business that are put forward by Boards, Councils or Diocesan and Private Members Motions to be included on the agenda. If there is a request to debate Diocesan stipendiary clergy/ support staff ratios, the Business Committee will consider it in the usual manner.