Florida Standing Committee releases text of objection to Holt election


Dear Members of the Diocese of Florida, As we shared recently, an objection has been filed challenging the Bishop Coadjutor election. Before sharing the formal objection publicly, we as your Standing Committee first needed to follow proper procedures by reviewing and submitting it to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. 

With it now submitted, we want to share the formal objection with you. You may view it below 

We want to reinforce that we believe in the election’s canonical and legal validity. These facts underscore our confidence in the process: 

  • Diocesan Council ensured that our bylaws permit online attendance and voting, according to Florida Law.
  • The quora for both clergy and lay delegates were confirmed prior to and following each round of balloting at Convention and no objections or questions were raised.
  • The voting process, tallies and final result were fully audited and confirmed by independent, non-Episcopal auditors.

 Once the objection is evaluated by the Episcopal Church’s Court of Review, we will keep you updated on any findings and rulings. Please know that this additional process will delay the consecration until January 2023. 

With Faith, Hope and Love, The Standing Committee