Anglican bishop urges Nigerian Christians to respond to Jihadist terror attacks with love and Christian forbearance


Christians should respond to the evil done to them by Muslim jihadists in Nigeria with the love of Christ, the Anglican bishop of Yola said on Saturday.

The Rt. Rev. Marcus Amfani told the 11th meeting of synod of the diocese of Yola held at the Church of Redemption in Jimeta on 4 June 2022 that events such as the martyrdom of Deborah Samuel by fellow university student for denying the claims of Islam should not be repaid by violence.

“Let there be tolerance in our land. Nobody should take the law into their own hands in the name of religion,” Bishop Amafani told his diocese.

He called for Christians and Muslims to abide by the teachings of their faiths. Mohammad “was ridiculed several times. They called him names, but he did not advocate killing. Paul in 1 Corinthians 4 asks us not to judge but to leave judgment to God. So, I call on us all to let there be tolerance in the land.”

The bishop’s call for respect and tolerance came the day before jihadists massacred an estimated 70 Christians at a Roman Catholic Church in Ondo State.

In 2015 30 people were killed and 80 injured in a suicide attack at a market in Yola, a city across the Benue River from Jimeta.  The city lies in the north-eastern state of Adamawa, one of the worst hit by the Boko Haram insurgency. The Muslim terror group was suspected to have been behind the blast.