ACNA bishop in intensive care with COVID-19


The Rt. Rev. Stephen Wood, Bishop of the Diocese of Carolinas has been admitted to an intensive care unit at a South Carolina hospital suffering from the Coronavirus. St Andrew’s Church in Mt Pleasant, where Bishop Wood serves as rector, confirmed he had been placed on a ventilator and is in isolation at East Cooper Medical Center in Mt Pleasant.

The parish website reported the Rev. Anthony Kowbeidu, St. Andrew’s associate rector for missions, had also tested positive for COVID-19 but was showing no symptoms of the illness. A third member of staff, the Rev. Randy Forrester, has also been tested for the virus.

Bishop Wood and Mr. Forrester self-isolated themselves last week after becoming ill. Mr. Kowbeidu attended services as he was not showing signs of the disease, but passed out briefly during worship and was taken to the hospital.

The parish website reported:

“If you received communion from Steve or Anthony at any time since March 6, you have definitely been exposed and should self-quarantine for 14 days. Anthony and Steve were in the Historic Church on March 8 and Anthony was also in the church on March 15.”

“Anthony and Steve were both at the Donaldson funeral and visitation. If you were present and interacted with them there, you’ve been exposed and should self-quarantine for 14 days as recommended by the CDC.”

“Randy was at Mt Pleasant Academy on March 8 and was not in attendance at any service on March 15. Randy also taught at the Ridley Institute on March 10. If he tests positive, and you received communion from him or if you attended the Ridley class on March 10, you have been exposed and should self-quarantine for 14 days. To date, he has not been tested but he will be.”

The church’s offices have been closed and the staff are working from home until 3 April 2020. The parish website noted: “Due to the entire staff being ordered to self-quarantine, there will be no livestream service this Sunday. [22 March 2020]”