Bishop Mouneer urges Egyptians to vote in Presidential elections

Statement from Bishop of Egypt on the 26-28 March 2018 elections for president and parliament

On Friday, the 16th of March, as he spoke to national press, Bishop Mouneer encouraged the Egyptians to vote in elections to choose whoever they desire; continuing the path of democracy they once started in 2013, during the second revolution, and 2014, as they vote for the constitution.

When he was asked about his perspective for the last four years, Bishop Mouneer replied “Our country fought violently against terrorism, led by the army and the police, bringing back peace to the Egyptian street. Peace is essential to develop and invest our country, as well as improve tourism, economy, education and health services. It is good to acknowledge the economic breakthrough as well as the infrastructure achievements in roads, electricity sources… etc.”

About the Christians’ situation in Egypt, Bishop Mouneer commented “The constitution affirms the right of citizenship to Christians which was applied by President SiSi when he visited the Coptic Cathedral to celebrate both Christmas and Easter, and when he built a new cathedral in the New Administrative Capital.”

“We still have long way to go and lots of dreams to achieve. With God’s will and our determination, we will be able to face the challenges” Bishop Mouneer concluded.

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