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NZ Church working group on Same-Sex Marriage issues interim statement

Group tasked with finding a way to keep supporters and opponents of ssm in the Anglican Church reports progress

The Primates’ Small Working Group on A Way Forward Structures met a second time in late January in Auckland.

At this meeting the Working Group: 

  • Spent considerable time working through the 26 submissions, representing a wide and diverse range of views, and will now respond to all submitters .
  • Received a helpful briefing from Mr Bruce Gray QC, Chair, on the work and report of the A Way Forward Working Group on the 2014 General Synod /Te Hīnota Whanui Motion 30.
  • Received and reviewed some very useful information, including some responses to the issues before the SWG from other provinces in the international Anglican Communion.
  • Agreed to ensure time is made to contact and meet with representatives of various groups identified by the Primates.
  • Identified a number of communication platforms through which the group would provide regular, up to date information on the progress of the work of the group in an open and inclusive manner.

The SWG are very positive about possible structures and mechanisms for a way forward, which will respect the integrity of those who hold differing convictions on the current matters of disagreement.

The SWG will meet again in March to continue their work, following the completion of several pieces of SWG work being undertaken by various members.

Pictured: The Rt. Rev. Richard Ellena, Bishop of Nelson of the SWG

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