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Evangelist martyred following debate with Muslim sheiks

An evangelist who worked among Muslims in Eastern Uganda has been murdered. Sources in the Church of Uganda confirm that on 23 Sept 2015 the body of Samson Nfunyeku was discoverned outside the village of Kalampete near the town of Mbala. Mr. Nfunyeku, a father of seven, was strangled by unknown assailants and his body left in the bush after a public debate with Muslim sheiks the previous night. Local Islamist leaders had warned Mr. Nfunyeku to desist from evangelizing Muslims and had threatened to kill him if he continued his ministry. A source in the Church of Uganda who cannot be named due to security concerns told the Church of England Newspaper he had met the murdered man in 2011. “He wanted us to visit his area in Budaka for discipleship of his converts, and in 2012 our ministry sent four of its coordinators to Budaka where they spent one month discipling the converted Muslims.” The source deplored the murder, but said he was grateful that the news of Mr. Nfunyeku’s martyrdom was being made known. “There are lots of death that have been happening in ministries” to Muslims in Eastern Uganda, he said, “yet no one knows about it,” “Recently one of our sheiks who converted [to Christianity] was killed together with his son,” he said, adding “We need the prayers of the faithful ones.”

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