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Damnation awaits politicians who consult witchdoctors, archbishop says

The Archbishop of Uganda has warned politicians they risk damnation and political defeat by canvassing for votes at pagan shrines and participating in cultic worship. In a sermon delivered on 19 July 2015 at St Stephen’s Church in Buikwe District outside of Kampala, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali said politicians “should have trust in God because he is the one who gives and takes away.” Consulting witch doctors or participating in cultic rituals imperilled one’s soul, he said, while also demonstrating to Christians the politician held views at odds with their own. The greater harm was not political, he warned, but spiritual as it placed one at war with God, he said. Speaking of the upcoming visit of US President Barack Obama to neighboring Kenya, he noted that some Western countries were trying to inject their political agendas into the East African elections. Some NGOs and Western governments were supporting Ugandan politicians standing for election in 2016 in return for promises of liberalizing the country’s laws on gay marriage. “We still need a man getting married to a woman. The family is under a big threat because if there is no family, there is no community and church. A good family makes a good country,” he told the congregation according to The Monitor.

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