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“Shut up!” West African archbishop tells prophets of doom

Archbishop Daniel Sarfo urges Ghanaians to pay no attention to self-appointed prophets

The Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa has urged Ghanaians to turn their backs upon self-appointed prophets, who have claimed divinely given powers to predict the future. Speaking to Accra FM radio on 21 March 2017, the Most Rev. Daniel Sarfo Yinka said these prophets of doom were seeking to capitalize on natural disasters and calamities for their personal ends.

On Sunday 19 March 2017, twenty people were killed at an accident at Kintampo Falls, on the Pumpum River in Kintampo. A popular recreational spot, the falls consist of three main cascades with the longest drop measuring 82 ft or 25 metres. The total height of the falls is 230 ft or 70 metres. Heavy rains the previous day dislodge several trees at the height of the falls, and one tree fell into the pool at the base of the falls, killing 20 people — primarily students from a local high school.

After the accident, Prophet Reindorf Oduro Gyebi, founder of God’s Crown Chapel in a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region, asserted that he had foretold the tragedy. He told the Ghana Yensom program on Accra on 20 March 2017 that there would be “another calamity in Ghana that will kill several people, and so there is the need for the Christian Council to declare a national prayer day to prevent it.”

Appearing the next day on Accra FM, Archbishop Sarfo urged listeners not to trust the self-appointed prophets who: “Sometimes they do that to put fear in people who will in turn seek help from them at a cost so they enrich themselves.”

These charlatans capitalized on tragedy, he said. “Instead of making prophecies that will ensure that the country progresses, they are only interested in prophecies of despair, they are always prophesying doom for the country.”

“I want to repeat that these prophets of doom should shut up. God really loves Ghana, he has done a lot for us. Even the fact that we have over the years transferred power from one political party to the other on several occasions peacefully, should tell us that God has been good to us and he deserves our praise. These prophets should praise God for what he has done for the country rather than always crediting the devil. They should shut up, the prophets of doom should shut up,” the archbishop said.

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