‘Disagreeing well on Europe’: Church launches new EU website

Archbishop writes first post on new website seeking ‘new ways of disagreeing well on Europe’.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has written the first post for a new blog aimed at fostering constructive debate about Britain’s relationship with the European Union ahead of a Referendum in two years’ time.

The Archbishop describes the new blog, Reimagining Europe, a joint initiative between the Church of England and the Church of Scotland, as “a platform on which we can seek out new ways of disagreeing well that leaves us energised and revitalised, not dispirited and divided.

“The contributors – who will be drawn from as wide a spectrum as possible – will, as a group, invite us to imagine what types of relationship with Europe we need to encourage human flourishing. Their views will vary widely.

“How can we revitalise ideas such as sovereignty and subsidiarity – ideals formed out of Christian faith whose political dimensions capture their meaning only in part – and help encourage a clearly values-based approach to Britain’s future relationship with the EU; one that includes, but does not end with, economic and political perspectives? We are going to try and make this blog a helpful contribution to that debate.”

Reimagining Europe Blog

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