Plea from church leaders to curtail Hindu extremists

The Moderator of the Church of South India has called upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak out against the campaign by Hindu extremists to convert by force Christians to their faith. At a press conference in Madras on 6 February 2015 the Most Rev. Govada Dyvasirvadam said the church was not opposed to conversion when an individual’s conscience led them to practice another faith. However the Ghar Vapsi Hindutva groups would inflame sectarian prejudices.  “I, as the leader of the CSI, feel any kind of conversion is an act of God. But this kind of artificial provocation will only cause unrest among the communities where they have been living together with peace and integrity.” Hindutva groups have initiated a public campaign to convert Indian Christians to Hinduism, offering financial inducements to converts – as well as threats to those who do not join them. The CSI leaders asked the prime minister to speak out. “We want him to come out and make a statement on the issue to provide the minority communities a sense of security,” Bishop Dyvasirvadam said.

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