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Stand with Canterbury in solidarity with Iraq’s Christians

Archbishop Justin Welby today requested that his homepage photo be changed to the Arabic letter for “N” in solidarity with persecuted Christians suffering in Iraq. Find out why – and show your support.

Last week the Archbishop of Canterbury joined the Twitter campaign uniting people around the world in solidarity with Christians suffering in Iraq.

In a gesture being adopted by people around the world, the Archbishop today requested that his website photograph be changed to the Arabic letter “N” (pictured above) which is being painted on the doors of Christians in Iraq, making them targets for Isis militants. “N” stands for “Nazarene” or “Christian” in Arabic. You will now see the same picture on the Archbishop’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Last week the Archbishop took to Twitter calling for “solidarity of prayer and love” with Christians in Iraq:

Archbishop Justin used the hashtag being used worldwide in solidarity with Iraqi Christians – #WeAreN.

We are Nazarene. Please share your thoughts and prayers on Twitter using #WeAreN, and consider changing your avatar on social media in solidarity with our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq.

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