Derby dean denies Tinker ban

Dean says he merely refused to honor the invitation given to Melvin Tinker by the Derby Christian Union


Church court backs Sydney program of extra-diocesan affiliation

[N]one of the constitutional grounds advanced for invalidity of the Ordinance have been established.


Australia to offer Asia Bibi asylum

Government sources have this afternoon confirmed that it will make an offer of asylum to Asia Bibi if Canada does not do so in the coming days


Irish churches statement on Brexit

Irish church leaders urge an end to the nastiness of the Brexit debates


Does God have a gender?

Gavin Ashenden discusses the nature of God with BBC Newsnight


God the Father is not really a Father, archbishop notes

Descriptions of God are always “to some degree metaphorical” Archbishop Welby says


Bishop levels assault charges against priest/parish council

Bishop in Karnataka South claims he was pulled by his pectoral cross during a melee at a parish in Mysore