Fuller Theological Seminary to close satellite campuses

Letter from Fuller President announcing closure of Seattle, Menlo Park and Orange County campuses due to declining enrollment


‘Heroes and Heroines of Our Faith’

Baroness Cox speaks out against the presecution of Christians around the world


Egypt's churches on suicide bomb attack alert

Release International warns of terror threats against Egypt's Christians


Anything goes in today's Church of England

The Church of England has gone mad today, And good's bad today, And black's white today, And day's night today, observes Jules Gomes


General Synod has crossed the line

Open letter to British Anglicans of July 18, 2017 urging collective action to reform and renew the Church of England


Compassion for the lost

Bishop Trevor Edwards looks at Australia's 2016 religion census


Prominent Anglo-Catholic convicted on three counts of fraud

Fr Andrew Sloane stole from the collection plate to pay for prostitutes, prosecution charged


Joint Anglican-Catholic school for Syrian refugees launched in Jordan

The project will offer 160 children from one to five years of age the opportunity to be cared for in kindergartens