Letter from a Chinese jail: My declaration of faithful disobedience

Pastor Wang Yi prepared an open letter for the church in anticipation of his arrest by the Chinese government


Have the bishops lost their religion?

What does it profit to bishop to give his soul, not for the whole world, but for transgenderism? Low drama, high farce and  spiritual tragedy in the C of E.


Former Church of South India moderator arrested for theft

Dectectives from the Vijaywada branch of the CID led Bishop Govada Dyvasirvadam away in handcuffs Tuesday


West Papua: A statement from the Bishops of the ACANZP

Bishops denounce Indonesian oppression and call for the independence of West Papua


Christmas message from the Archbishop of York

John Sentamu publishes his Christmas message in the Radio Times this week


Christmas message from the Primate of Uganda

"We have allowed evil to flourish in Uganda,"Archbishop Stanley Ntagali writes, adding that national transformation begins with the repentence of the individual from sin


SPLC takes aim at Bill Love

Anti-hate group finds the Bishop of Albany is not among the elect