Episciopal Church of the USA


The Episcopal Church and trial [use] marriage

The first of four essays by Prof. Stephen Noll on the Episcopal Church's proposed changes to the marriage rite


Episcopal Church Still Skidding Downhill

Episcopalians have yet to hit bottom in their downward membership spiral that began in the early 2000s.


Church Installs Stained Glass LGBT Window

Controversy about the Episcopal Washington National Cathedral’s stained glass windows caused a stir last year when the previous cathedral dean called for 


Episcopal Church Bishop for Armed Services and Federal Ministries elected

The Rev. Carl Wright was elected Episcopal Church Bishop Suffragan for Armed Services and Federal Ministries on the second ballot.


Bishop of Albany responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I pray that The Episcopal Church will humble itself and honor the Primates' request


Pastoral letter from the Bishop of Central Florida on the baptism of children of gay parents

"Who is deserving or undeserving? For example, in Scripture there are far stronger and explicit objections to multiple divorces and remarriages than there is to a monogamous gay union. Are you willing to say “No” to the baptism of children from a couple that have in their history multiple divorces? If not, why are you willing to give such heterosexual relations a pass, but condemn civilly married gay Christians? Who actually qualifies?"