Church of the Province of West Africa


"Shut up!" West African archbishop tells prophets of doom

Archbishop Daniel Sarfo urges Ghanaians to pay no attention to self-appointed prophets


Sierra Leone bishop accused of stealing Ebola funds

Bishop Emmanuel Tucker accused of stealing $275,000 collected to combat the 2014 Ebola outbreak


Christmas message from the Bishop of the Gambia

On a particular night, while shepherds in a nearby field were tending their flock they received the news of the birth of Jesus Christ through an angel of the LORD.


Bishops report on West Africa two years after the Ebola epidemic

The response of Anglican churches and other faith communities to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa can serve as a model for addressing other epidemics, the Anglican Alliance heard this week.


Archbishop calls for troops to be brought home

Archbishop Daniel Sarfo has urged his government to bring home troops serving in overseas peacekeeping missions to protect the country from the threat of domestic terrorism and Boko Haram. 


West African church consecrates a new bishop for The Gambia

James Odico consecrated 7th Bishop of the Diocese of Gambia on 24 Jan 2016 at St Mary’s Cathedral in Banjul


Rape allegations against priest reawaken memories of Liberia's civil war

The suspension of an Episcopal priest of the Diocese of Liberia for allegedly raping a ten year old girl dominated the headlines of the country’s newspapers yesterday


Primates of the Anglican Communion -- Primate of West Africa

The Most Rev. Daniel Yinkah Sarfo, Primate of West Africa, Archbishop of Ghana and Bishop of Kumasi.


The Gambia to become an Islamic Republic

Anglicans have nothing to fear from the President of the Gambia’s decision to turn the country into an Islamic Republic, church leaders tell Anglican Ink.


Homosexuality is un-African says Ghana diocese

The synod of the Diocese of the Cape Coast has called for the government of Ghana to reject “pernicious” attempts by Western governments and churches to pressure the country to accept same-sex marriage. 


West African archbishop calls for popular campaign against corruption

The Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa has called upon the clergy of Ghana to denounce public corruption from the pulpits of their churches.


Chief Justice calls for the church to clean up Ghana

The antidote to corruption and crime was the moral transformation of the nation, said the Hon. Georgina Theodora Woode and that could only be accomplished by the church.