Episcopal Church of the Philippines


Philippine bishop arrested in anti-terror sweep

IFI Bishop Carlo Morales arrested with Communist guerilla leader on Thursday in Mindanao


New primate elected for the Philippines

Joel  Pachao elected 6th prime bishop of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines.


Bishop's daughter arrested on terrorism charges

Primate of the Philippines calls for the immediate release of Sarah Abellon-Alikes


Filipino Anglicans denounce Islamist terror bombing

On 2 Sept 2016 at approximately 22:30 in the evening bombs exploded in crowded night market in Davao City in the Southern Philippines killing 15 people and wounding over 70 others. 


Bishops call for Manila to repel Chinese expansion

"China continues to insult us with its refusal to recognize the authority of the tribunal and its decision," says Filipino Anglican leader


Church leaders call for investigation into police shootings

Church leaders in the Philippines have called for an independent inquiry into a police shooting at a protest march on the southern island of Mindanao.


Filipino PB target of extortion attempt

The Prime Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the Philippines was the target of an extortion attempt last week, when a security screener planted a bullet in his luggage


Church backs dam protests in Luzon

The Prime Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the Philippines Renato Abibico has written to President Benigno Aquino urging government intervention in a dispute between villagers and an energy company accused of despoiling their land.