Anglican Church of Tanzania


Mokiwa down, but not out

Tanzanian bishops affirm deposition of former archbishop Valentino Mokiwa, but decline to sign the minutes of the meeting making it "official"


Dar es Salaam dispute turns ugly

Dr Mokiwa summoned to appear before the Justice Ministry to answer fraud charges


Ecclesial chaos in Dar es Salaam

Showdown expected on Sunday between Archbishop Chimeledya's and Bishop Mokiwa's supporters


Ramadhani given charge of Dar es Salaam

Former Tanzania chief justice given interim charge of the St Alban's Cathedral and the Diocese of Dar es Salaam by Archbishop Chimeledya


Mokiwa arrested

Bishops of Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar arrested after scuffle at consecration in Western Tanganyika


Mokiwa hits back

Dar es Salaam bishop accuses rivals of bending church law to oust him


Dar es Salaam bishop deposed

Former GAFCON primate, the Rt. Rev. Valentino Mokiwa, deposed for theft.


Impasse in Dar es Salaam

The Primate of Tanzania’s call for the Bishop of Dar es Salaam to step down has been rejected by the diocese’s standing committee.


Ultimatum given to the Bishop of Dar es Salaam demanding he resign

The Rt. Rev. Valentino Mokiwa has until year's end to resign, or he will be deposed from office by the Anglican Church of Tanzania


Mokiwa cleared

The Tanzanian bishops have declined to act upon a report charging the Bishop of Dar es Salaam with malfeasance in the conduct of church affairs


Hearing on corruption charges for Dar es Salaam bishop

The Tanzanian House of Bishops will meet on 21 Nov 2016 in Dar es Salaam to take up the case of the Rt. Rev. Valentino Mokiwa


Vale -- The Rt. Rev John Ball

The former general secretary of the Anglican mission agency Crosslinks, Bishop John Ball, has died at the age of 81 after a period of illness