Church of South India


Bishop jailed for contempt of court

The Bishop in Thoothukudi-Nazareth Diocese has been jailed for 15 days for ignoring a court order not to hold diocesan elections


Parish meeting turns into a riot

A parish meeting called to put forward names for election to the vestry turned into a riot last Sunday in the Vellore, India.


Fraud complaint leveled against Tamil Nadu bishop

Former employee charges Bishop in Tirunelveli and others with defrauding a diocesan college of $182,000


Former CSI moderator arrested for fraud

Govada Dyvasirvadam, Bishop in Krishna-Godavari, arrested today by officers of the Mangalagiri C.I.D. police


Slander suit filed by Believers Church against the CSI

Indian churches at odds over apostolic succession of Archbishop KP Yohannan


First bishop for India's newest diocese

Dr Oommen George consecrated as Bishop in Kollam-Kottarakara


Pentecostal poaching behind Indian ecumenical crack up

The CSI has withdrawn from the Kerala Council of Churches after the Believers Church was admitted to the ranks of the ecumenical Protestant organization.


Bishop in Thoothukudi- Nazareth consecrated for South India

Samuel Devasahayam Ebenezer Clement has been consecrated as the new bishop of the Thoothukudi- Nazareth Diocese


Indian bishop ordered to appear before court to answer fraud allegations

Police in the city of Tiruppur in Southern India’s Tamil Nadu state have registered a fraud case against the Bishop in Coimbatore.



Reformer elected Moderator of the CSI

The Bishop in Madhya Kerala Diocese, the Rt. Rev . Thomas K. Oommen has been elected Moderator and Primate of the Church of South India.