Church of the Province of Central Africa


Bishop reports Harare calm in wake of Wednesday's coup

Dr Chad Gandiya: "whatever changes are in store for us, these take place in a peaceful manner"


Zimbabwe Council of Churches statement on Mugabe ouster

"The heads of churches call for prayer, peace, respect for human dignity, a transitional government of national unity, and national dialogue"


Pastoral statement on Zimbabwe by Archbishop Chama

Archbishop of Central Africa offers prayers for Zimbabwe following military coup


Martial law in Harare

Army denies coup underway -- mission to protect President Robert Mugabe


Dr. Kunonga deserted by allies

Four key lieutenants seek separate trial from breakaway bishop


Central African archbishop intervenes in Manicaland

Archbishop Albert Chama has ordered a return to the status quo in the dispute between the Bishop of Manicaland and the congregation of St Agnes Anglican Church in Mutare


Islam to be taught in Zimbabwe state primary schools

Minister of Education has not converted to Islam, Mugabe says, and remains a Catholic.


Bishop asks courts to ban troublesome parishioners

Bishop of Manicaland asks court to block 26 members of a Mutare parish from returning to church