Church of England


Christmas message from the Archbishop of York

John Sentamu publishes his Christmas message in the Radio Times this week


Transitioning the liturgy

Lee Gatiss castes a gimlet eye over the bishops guidance on gender transition


Church of England crosses red line as it blesses “genital mutilation”

The bishops "have authorised a baptismal-based liturgy for transgender transitions claiming it is 'rooted in scripture'."


Transgender tragi-comedy: the House of Bishops’ Christmas cracker

David Baker writes: "you can tell it’s a spoof because the guidance contains pretty much no theology whatsoever."


Guidance for gender transition services published by the Church of England

New guidance for parishes planning services to help transgender people mark their transition has been published by the Church of England.


Why can't Anglicans teach their bishops to read the Bible?

What Archbishop Sentamu calls a “childish dream” is in reality a biblical vision

Church of England offers sympathy, but will not press the govt to save Asia Bibi

Questions poised by MPs to the Second Church Estates Commission on Asia Bibi and the persecution of Christians


Who is supplying the Fulani with guns, asks bishop

Questions in the House of Lords: Bishop of Carlisle asks if Nigerian Government can be asked how Fulani herders are getting weaponry


Homily of the Archbishop of Canterbury at Westminster Abbey service of prayer for Middle East Christians

Obedience for Christians outside the Middle East and outside areas of persecution is to ensure that governments, that households, that societies welcome the afflicted, pray for the suffering, stand with those in torment, rejoice in liberation.