Scottish Episcopal Church


Reciting the Koran in Glasgow Cathedral

Islam sees power as God’s primary defining characteristic, and Christianity tells us that it is love. The difference is enormous in implication


Cathedral marks Epiphany with Koran reading

St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow offered Sura 19 from the Koran as a liturgical reading.


Christmas message from the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church

We are living through times of exceptional difficulty at present. The murder of 24 worshippers in St Mark’s Christian Coptic Cathedral in Cairo is only the latest in a series of horrors.


Scottish Primus responds to Brexit vote

"So now we know. There is some sense of an end point. But this leave result really marks the beginning of a long period – a time for working out of the implications of the choice which the people have made."


Scottish Anglican Network statement on amendment of Scottish Episcopal Church’s marriage canon

"Some of us will need to consider what future can be had in a church which is abandoning its claim to being part of the one holy Catholic and apostolic church."


GAFCON offers alternative oversight to Scottish Anglicans

FCA - UK bishops to offer assistance to Scottish Anglicans following vote by SEC General Synod to begin process towards gay marriage rites


TEC going to Lambeth 2020

 In conversation with the leader of the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury outlined what the long term consequences would be for churches that defied the Communion ban on gay marriage.


Scottish Primus lambastes General Synod over Church of Scotland vote

"I watched the debate in which the Columba Declaration was approved by the Church of England with a sense of unreality."


Scottish Episcopal concerns over church union brushed aside by Church of England

Scottish Episcopal Church responds to the Colomba Declaration released by the Church of Scotland and Church of England


Bishop of Moray, Ross & Caithness responds to the Canterbury primates communique

I stand with those who seek to reveal the love of God to all of God’s children and at this moment I hear that in the voice of The Episcopal Church in America


Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church statement on the Canterbury primates meeting

[U]nity has come at some cost to the ability of the Communion to express the diversity which has always been a valued characteristic of the Anglican Way.