Scottish Episcopal Church


SEC changes Marriage Canon

The General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church today voted in favour of altering the church’s Canon on Marriage to remove the definition that marriage is between a man and a woman and add a new


Welby fiddles while the SEC burns

David Ould comments on the Archbishop of Canterbury's Scottish plans


GAFCON to appoint missionary bishop for Scotland

Statement by Gafcon on its plans to send a bishop to Scotland


Scottish response to the GAFCON Lagos communique

The news that GAFCON intends to send a missionary bishop to Britain is regrettable


Invitation to debate the propriety of reading the Koran in Christian worship

An Open Letter Inviting Kelvin Holdsworth for a Public Debate on the Blasphemy of Reading Quran during Holy Eucharist

Dear Kelvin Holdsworth, the politician in St Mary's,


Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church announces retirement

The Most Rev. David Chillingworth will step down from office at the end of July


Appeal for action to the ACC Standing Committee from Scottish Episcopalians

Please Take Action Against the Blasphemy of Reading Quran during Holy Eucharist in St Mary's Cathedral–– An Open Letter to the Anglican Consultative Council

Dear Sir/Madame,


Remnant in Scotland find hope through Gafcon

David McCarthy speaks to the hope the GAFCON movement brings to traditionalists in Scotland


Glasgow cathedral communicants protest Koran readings

Letter charges cathedral provost with making tolerance a one way street by persecuting worshippers who disagree with reading the Koran during Christian worship


Letter to the Times on the Glasgow Koran controversy

Gavin Ashenden explains to the readers of The Times why reading the Koran in Christian worship is problematic


Satiric reflections on the Glasgow cathedral Koran controversy

Nothing speaks of God's love more than reporting those who say things you don't like.


Primus responds to Glasgow Cathedral Koran reading

[T]he Scottish Episcopal Church is deeply distressed at the widespread offence which has been caused