Roman Catholic Church


Placuit Deo -- Letter on Salvation

The present Letter is intended, ... to demonstrate certain aspects of Christian salvation that can be difficult to understand today because of recent cultural changes.


Anti-Catholic bias in the Guardian?

George Conger argues the Guardian's recent forays into reporting on Irish Catholicism is "an example of agitprop, which fails the basic tests of sound journalism."


German Catholic bishop backs gay blessings

The Vice President of the German Catholic Bishops' Conference has called for a dialogue on blessing same-sex unions


Anglicans and Catholics Meet at Waffle House


In ecumenical discussions these aspects of Anglicanism are treated rather like the crazy aunt you have chained in the attic.


WSJ Resists Media Entropy, Finds Faith In The 'Sooner State'

A race to the bottom is underway in the media, and the 'quality' press is in the lead.


Ecumenical Patriarch backs Francis' eucharistic discipline reforms

Writing in L'Osservatore Romano Bartholomew argues: "What has undoubtedly smothered and hampered people in the past is the fear that a “heavenly father” somehow dictates human conduct and prescribes human custom. The truth is quite the opposite, and religious leaders are called themselves to remember and in turn to remind that God is life and love and light"


Homily of Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois at the memorial mass for Fr Jacques Hamel

"Those who wrap themselves in the trappings of religion to mask their deadly project, those who want to announce to us a God of death, a Moloch that would rejoice at the death of a man and promise paradise to those who kill while invoking him, these cannot expect humanity to yield to their delusion.


Roman Catholic Church promotes Mary Magdalene to First Division

Mary Magdelene was the Apostle of the Apostles" (Apostolorum Apostola) Archbishop Arthur Roche said, "therefore it is right that the liturgical celebration of this woman has the same grade of feast given to the celebration of the apostles in the General Roman Calendar."


Pope open to discussion of women deacons

Pope Francis has opened the possibility that women could be ordained as deacons in the Roman Catholic Church.


Salesian leaders deny claim kidnapped priest crucified

Catholic leaders in India have denied American press reports that a Salesian priest kidnapped by ISIS in Aden last month was crucified on Good Friday.