Episcopal Church of the USA


Birmingham priest arrested on child porn charges

Dr Michael Rich of St Andrew's Episcopal Church arrested by state internet child porn task force


A Triumph of Injustice and Irresponsibility

A.S. Haley looks at the travesty of the South Carolina courts


Diocese of Newark withdraws solicitation for bishop

Standing Committee releases statement reporting the position profile had been plaigarized


Sauls' complaint filed

Former TEC COO  accuses national church of defamation, breach of contract and blackballing him from working as a priest


Settlement reached in Newport Beach

Accord reached between the Diocese of Los Angeles and the congregation of St James the Great, Newport Beach


Presiding Bishop on Texas Church Shooting

"I invite you to pray that God’s will might be done"


Removing George Washington

Mark Tooly reflects on iconoclasm in Alexandria


CPG urges General Convention not to change the clergy 'defined benefit' retirement plan

Moving to a defined contribution from a defined benefit plan was 'irresponsible' report to General Convention stated


Oregon bishop accused of fraud

Civil suit filed after Labor Bureau and Church investigation reject claims lodged against Bishop Michael Hanley


Letter to the editor of The State from the former Bishop of South Carolina

As one who has taught history for more than two decades, I can confidently assert that the national church was carefully founded not to be an hierarchical church.