Church in Wales


Church in Wales sees 15% decline in attendance in five years

Statistics released at last month's meeting of the Governing Body shows the Church in Wales in demographic freefall


Church in Wales moves ahead on gay marriage

Not permiting gay marriage was "pastorally unsuitable" synod said


Church in Wales urges government not to bomb Syria

The church's Governing Body adopted a motion calling for "calling for concerted diplomatic action" not war in Syria


Archbishop of Wales elected

John Davies, who has served as the Bishop of Swansea and Brecon for the past nine years, has been chosen as the 13th Archbishop of Wales.


The myth of moderate Islam

Brother of expat murdered by Jihadists responds to the Bishop of Bangor


Ramadan fast for deacon to be

A Church in Wales deacon has spent the day prior to her ordination fasting at a mosque.


Welsh bishop asks parish to rethink yoga ban

Bishop Joanna Penberthy has asked a parish to rethink its ban on allowing yoga classes in its parish hall


Bishop of Llandaff appointed

June Osborne, who has served as Dean of Salisbury for the past 13 years, has been chosen as the 72nd Bishop of Llandaff,


Jeffrey John writes to protest his being blackballed by the Welsh bishops

My situation is exactly similar to that of the Bishop of Grantham, which was recently defended by the Secretary-General of the ACC, Archbishop Idowu-Fearon, as being entirely compatible with the regulations of any Anglican province.


St David's Day message from the Bishop of St David's

On this St David’s day, we are called to remember the virtues of honesty and plain speaking which St David exemplified