Church of Uganda


West Ankole case dismissed

Kampala High Court finds Archbishop of Uganda has unfettered authority to oversee a diocese during a vacancy in see


West Ankole dispute goes to High Court

Archbishop Ntagali asks senior high court judge to dissolve injunction preventing the Church of Uganda from selecting new bishop


West Ankole clergy rebel against Archbishop Ntagali

Eleven clergy have brought a lawsuit against Archbishop Ntagali had violated church canons and slandered the leaders of the diocese when he appointed his own commission to select candidates to replace the outgoing Bishop of West Ankole.


Ugandan Church to focus on the family in 2017

Ugandan families were “facing deliberate attack by different evil forces both from within and outside,” Archbishop Ntagali said


Ntagali says no to abortion on demand

Ugandan archbishop calls upon govt to reject pressure from population control advocates to permit abortion under any circumstance


Archbishop Ntagali pooh-poohs murder for hire charge

The Archbishop of Uganda has denied suggestions that last month’s attack on the House of Bishops was a premeditated murder plot orchestrated by prominent government leaders.


Murder for hire plot targets Ugandan archbishop

A hired mob attempted to lynch the archbishop and bishops of the Church of Uganda on Tuesday, but were foiled when police arrived and drove off the attackers.


Bishop of Central Busoga appointed for the Church of Uganda

The Rev. Canon Patrick Wakula Elected as the 1st Bishop of Central Busoga Diocese